Find Your Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Pick The Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Inflatable fishing kayaks are the best choice for anglers who need to transport their boat easily. A boat that is easy to transport is vital for anglers who want to reach remote lakes. A boat that is small enough to store in an indoor space is ideal for anglers who don’t have access to a garage or backyard.

The right fishing kayak can make all the difference in how you experience the water. Inflatable fishing boats take the best features of polyethylene kayaks and make them lightweight and portable.

This range of inflatable fishing kayaks from Hobie, STAR Inflatables, and Sea Eagle offers various options for getting you out on the water and, more importantly, into those hard-to-reach lakes.

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Marine Generators

Learn About 3 Types of Marine Generators For Your Vessel

Marine generators are used on various ships to power everything from small kitchen appliances to electric propulsion systems. When running any critical appliances that consume a good amount of electricity, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, or water heaters, a ship’s battery won’t be sufficient. The best marine generators will effortlessly power electronics and devices without putting stress on the ship’s battery.

Every marine generator is powered by either gas or diesel, and you will need to pick a generator powered by one or another. Most people opt to stay with the same fuel type the ship requires out of convenience, though this is not required. Avoid bringing a normal generator onboard your ship, however. Marine generators are designed to endure harsh marine conditions, whereas a normal generator would fail.  Robust marine generators need maintenance tracking mechanisms.

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Portable Solar Generator

Buy The Best Portable Solar Generators For Your Task

Best Portable Solar Generators for Boating, Camping, & RVs

1. Renogy Phoenix 100W Solar Suitcase Kit

The Renogy Phoenix solar bag kit gives a lot of power while remaining compact and mobile. That’s the primary reason we have chosen it as the best solar generator for boaters, RVers, and campers.

It’s relatively simple to move it over short distances — e.g., from the truck into the camping site — and takes up hardly any space in your boat or RV.

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Eco-luxury yacht Serenity 64

Serenity’s Two New Solar Powered Eco-Luxury Yachts

The “eco-luxury yacht” is the new term in high-class boating. Without sacrificing any comfort and respect for the environment is the key. Is this type of yacht possible? Yes, for example, in luxury catamarans, solar energy is the protagonist. For the design of two-hull boats, a massive amount of energy can be collected, thanks to hundreds of square meters of panels. It supplies all the appliances, instruments, and air conditioning. In short, every benefit, without a single drop of fuel.

Nearly everything is getting a sustainable makeover, and so are luxury yachts. With new, full hybrid, and electric boats, the yachting industry is making walks toward a solar-powered yacht, eco-friendly future. Yachting has not exactly gained a reputation for being the most environmentally sensitive sector. However, because of technological progress, growing customer demand, and additional advantages, many yacht builders are turning to the energy of sunlight.

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best .Chartplotters review

Best Deal & Picks For 2020 – Marine Chartplotters Review

If you’re on the lookout for new marine-grade GPS Chartplotters, made by reliable brands, and need a great deal also, there are a few suggestions. In this article, we’ll discuss our recommendations for your vessel.

Top Marine GPS Chartplotters For 2020

1. Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv

The Garmin chartplotter is very good for both bluewater and inland sailing and produced by the best-known brand for marine navigation in the world.

You’ll get the premium functionalities you would expect from an advanced navigation system, such as sonar, depth charts, and GPS plotting echo. However, you will just have to pay a fraction of the price tag.

It also has Loads of positive customer testimonials (it is currently Amazon’s Choice), making a choice to purchase easy.  It’s not the Newest and version, not the version. I like that. This means you get great value for the money.

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inflatable boat

Top Picks For 2019 Inflatable Boat Options

We’ve hunted the World Wide Web to find some of the best inflatable boats on today’s market. Having an inflatable boat buying guide, you don’t have to be concerned about hauling your boat to the boat launch on the weekends and struggle to get it in or out of the water. Inflatable boats deflate so small they can be stored in the trunk of your vehicle, while still being large enough to transport up to 6 people.

They are also incredibly cost-effective, with all the lower-end models coming in at under $100. Inflatable boats are great for recreational trips on a lake, fishing trips, and can put in a motor, should you wish actually to get up to speed on the water.

You do not have to bother about your safety. If you take care of the boat, it will take care of you. They’re as safe as regular boats and boast lots of the same features.

Here are the top 10 inflatable boats in 2019.

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Best Inflatable Boat

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Boat

Here Are The Key Items To Consider


When you want to buy the best inflatable boat, you need inflatable boat buying guide, but you’re not likely to turn up your nose at many features too. So, what features should you’re searching? The majority of the best inflatable boats can be altered to your precise needs, and there are a lot of accessories out there which you can use to modify your ship, but there is also a lot of ships which come with added features. If you are using your vessel for relaxation, then you might want to have an extra-padded seat. If you’re going fishing, then a rode holder will be a welcome addition. You could search for built-in paddle locks or cup holders. The choices are limitless.


You want your vessel to be durable. Your ship is inflatable, so it does contain the risk of having a puncture, or stones rubbing against it. You want to search for high-quality materials, such as PVC. The better the materials, the more expensive your ship is going to be, but the longer it will last. If you can spend a little bit more, then you won’t need to spend a lot on repairs.

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recreational boating in Canada

How To Choose The Best Boat Generator

It is much colder on Canada’s lakes and rivers, even during the summer months. Therefore, if you intend to stay overnight on your boat, you need a built-in marine generator to keep you warm. Smaller boats for family outings require portable generators.

If you want to get the best boat generator for your vessel, there are different factors that you should consider. For example, you need to know the power requirements of your boat, and this usually depends on its size.

There are different types of boat generators, and your choice should depend on whether you require a DC or AC type of power for your utilities onboard. As such, this guide gives you more information about the type of generator you may need on your boat.

Most brands of boat generators can serve you well if you take good care of them. There are gas, solar and diesel-powered generators but diesel engines seem to be stronger than other types

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Catamaran sail boat

Using A Solar Generator On Your Vessel

If you love being on the sea and enjoy traveling in boats then you have a number of reasons to find this article interesting and informative. Traveling long distances in boats is fascinating and it could be for fishing or simply to enjoy being out on the water. However, you have to choose the right fuel for powering various utility services in mechanical boats. While we know about diesel and gas as the most common sources of fuel for generators, solar energy is also becoming quite popular these days for powering a portion of the electronics onboard.

Apart from being a renewable and eco-friendly source of energy, there are other benefits for using a solar generator. We will look at the various facets of installing a solar generator on your boat and the benefits and advantages associated with it. The technology behind solar energy has grown and evolved over the past many decades and therefore you have reasons to believe that they are a better source of energy when compared to gas and diesel.

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Chart Plotters

Chart Plotters Buying Guide And 3 Top Recommendations

While many people are familiar with Global Positioning System (GPS) units, quite a significant number are unaware that there is a stark difference between GPS units designed for marine use and those designed for outdoor or automotive use.

Drivers use automotive GPS units to guide them while driving and particularly in unfamiliar places. In most cases, these units are fixed on the vehicle’s windshield or dashboard. They also include features such as preloaded maps and more advanced features such as the capability to obtain vital traffic data.

Outdoor GPS units, on the other hand, are designed specifically for use in outdoor situations. They are therefore ideal for hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. These units are normally light and portable to make it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to carry them effortlessly. The greatest feature of outdoor GPS units is their strong satellite reception. They may also include safety-related features such as allowing the user to contact emergency services easily.

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Best Inflatable Boats

The Best Inflatable Boats For The Summer

Kenneth Grahame wrote the infamous line: “there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”. This still rings true for the many people that love to take to the water on a sunny day.

Boats provide an escape from the everyday world, a chance for adventure and an opportunity to indulge in some hobbies. Boats come in all different shapes and sizes, including inflatable. An inflatable boat is a must-have item for many families heading to the lake or keen fishermen. But, why inflatable?

There are many reasons to purchase an inflatable boat for the summer season.

The simple reason is that you can’t go out on the water without suitable watercraft, and inflatable options are often the most convenient. An inflatable boat is ideal for all those that live inland and don’t have space for a more traditional vessel. These inflatable models shrink down into a compact, manageable size ready for inflating. There are many styles and shapes.

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Portable Solar Generators For Boats

Best Portable Solar Generators For Boats

It is never good news when you are off the grid. However, thanks to recent technological advancements we can use solar energy. Today, we have portable solar generators that are immensely helpful, especially when there is an emergency or an ordinary power loss.

Solar generators help in powering small devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and more. That aside, who loves that disgusting loud sound produced by power generators not to mention the smell produced due to fuel combustion.

Solar generators are very handy in addition to being very effective, cost-effective, and convenient to use. You won’t be needing gallons of gasoline. But that is not the kick-starter, portable solar generators have taken the boating experience to a whole new level.

No matter what happens in the sea, these devices will always have your back.

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