Top 7 inflatable boats

7 Of The Best Inflatable Boats On The Market

Owning inflatable boats is a great source of excitement for adventure lovers who enjoy hours of great fun and sporting activities. For anglers, the best way to cast your fishing rod without having to worry about transport, hauling or to trailer a boat is to own one of the best inflatable boats; they provide the perfect option.

Being a watercraft made of light and durable material, they are convenient marine multi-tool that gives you a lot of freedom. It is also cheaper and economical than a traditional boat, in fact, you will experience many of the benefits of owning a boat.

Listing of 7 of The Best Inflatable Boats


1. Fish Cat Scout

Fish Cat Scout best inflatable boat

The Fish Cat Scout is a frameless pontoon boat designed with a kayak-like seat which can accommodate one person.

It is one of the easily portable inflatable boats in the market suitable for fishing expeditions, weighing just about 35 lbs; it is light-weight and perfect for venturing into new fishing sites.

The overall feature of this boat includes a float tube in the form of a pontoon with a single seat.

It comes with an open floor cockpit which can enable the angler to perform fin kicking comfortably and guiding the boat while fishing at the same time.

It has two oars supports on either side with an inbuilt carry gear pocket and a holder for the rod. Fish cat Scout is an ultimate inflatable for those who embrace simplicity besides there are no hassles in setting it up.

2. Fish Hunter 4-Person

Inflatable Fish Hunter Boat

This 9ft long fishing boat is one of the best inflatable boats that make a fishing adventure worth your while.

It comes with a quiet space expected of any boat of this category and is equipped with four swivel oarlocks to make rowing much easier if you ride as a pair.

Should you wish for an upgrade, the stern and bow can be fitted with a 2.5 electric motor and hence achieve a faster cruising. On the stern, there is a set of rod holders that can either be used to carry your poles.

3. Osprey

Top Osprey inflatable boat

An Osprey is a compact stand up paddleboard that is very stable and can be stacked away into its carry bag very quickly, and you can take it with you to your next destination.  It is very suitable for fishing purposes as it gives you incredible visibility as you paddle it while standing tall.

The inflatable Osprey is about 11ft long, 35-inches wide, and weighs about 42 lbs; you can check in on a plane as luggage.  The extra robust and thick EVA foam deck provides stability to be able to paddle through rivers, bays, and lakes in pursuit of your favorite fish.

4. Saturn FK396 Fishing Series

FK396 Inflatable fishing boat

The Saturn FK396 fishing series is a kayak fishing inflatable boat whose length is 13ft and its floor, as well as the top of the tubes, are made of a heavy-duty PVC that is double layered and very rigid when inflated.  This fishing kayak is so stable that you can stand up and do your fishing if necessary.

The FK396 fishing series is equipped with two aluminum benches that are removable for attaching any other accessories, for instance, a fish finder or rod handlers. Another great feature of this kayak is that it has an option of a bikini sunshade that can be attached to it to shield you from hot sunlight or rain.

5. Straight Edge Angler

straight edge angler Inflatable boat

The Straight Edge Angler is an inflatable kayak designed with a high-back seat that can accommodate one occupant.  It is rugged and detailed in construction as its bow and stern have a built-in aluminum rib frame to improve tracking especially in conditions with open waters.

It has a very fantastic hull that can rival any other in the market; it is made up of high-quality PVC that can endure abrasion conditions in rough waters as well as get pricked by sharp objects underwater.  One great feature of the Straight Edge angler is its superior self-bailing ports. The self-bailing ports can be opened in rough water conditions and be closed again in cold or calm water conditions.

It comes with a puddle bag that is that allows for easy packing and carrying it along. The kayak is already pre-assembled in the factory and what is required of you is to unpack it simply, inflate and attach its adjustable seat. The seat is padded to provide comfort for longer rides.

6. Stealth Starker 10

Stealth Staker Inflatable Boat

The Stealth Starker 10 is a frame inflatable boat that is about 10ft in length and has a capacity of two people. It is suitable for use in all fishing conditions including lakes, bays, rivers, and either in calm or rough waters.

It can also be comfortably handled by a single person with ease despite it being able to accommodate two. It has a fully enclosed hull that makes it usable in any water body as this inflatable boat is more spacious, light, and portable.

Due to its stability features, the Stealth Starker can be used in a wide range of water conditions as well as for fishing. Since it has a round gull configuration, it provides anglers a comfortable platform to go about their duties knowing their safety is guaranteed. They are four horsepower rated while utilizing gas but can also be equipped with an electric motor.

7. Tioga

Inflatable Tioga boat

The Tioga is a framed 9-ft Inflatable pontoon boat with a padded seat; it is one of the best inflatable boats to navigate a river or a lake with great ease.  Being a heavy-duty pontoon, its bottoms are made of abrasion-resistant PVC material with its top made of tough nylon that can withstand tear and wear.

It has oarlock positions with oar-rests incorporated on the inflatable. The oars are 7-ft in length and made of aluminum making them light and easy to use.  Other great features incorporated with the Tioga include the ability of both the footrests and the padded seat to adjust to your best comfort.

Its numerous pockets provide you with high storage capacity as well as the rear space that gives more room including a battery platform. A sturdy motor mount is also provided for trolling.