Best Inflatable boats

Before Buying The Best Inflatable Boat Read This

Choosing An Inflatable Boat

Inflatable BoatVacation and leisure activities have always been part of our lives during certain times of the year. If you have access to a river, a lake, or the sea, boating is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation or participate in water sports.

However, if you do not live close to any body of water, it would be more convenient to be able to store your boat at home. For this reason, you may want to have the best inflatable boat for a much lower cost than a traditional hull type. This will offer you the flexibility of taking the inflatable boat to wherever and whenever you want.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Inflatable Boat

Purchasing an inflatable boat is an investment; therefore, it requires that you consider certain important factors before opting for the best choice that will suit your needs. You first need to know the purpose of buying it; this is because there are various designs suited for different functions.

For example, if you are love fishing it would be better to consider a rigid inflatable boat than a full inflatable.

Another important factor to consider is the place where you plan to use your inflatable boat. If you want to ride on a smooth, still and calm waters, then opt for an air deck inflatable.

This type is very light, folds easily, and it allows for deflating and inflating more often. However, if you love venturing into challenging and swirling rapids, having an inflatable boat that is stronger and can withstand the stress is recommended. For this situation, a rigid inflatable boat will be preferred.

You should consider how you will be moving the boat. Depending on your preference, you can choose either a boat for rowing or one that has an outboard motor. A motorized inflatable boat is easier to ride and more powerful, this will come with an extra cost.

Qualities To Look For In A Best Inflatable Boat

It’s not only enough to consider the material used to make an inflatable boat but also checking the seams in various locations used to join the material and making it airtight. This is essential as it determines the integrity and durability of the inflatable boat.

Butted seams or overlap seams are mostly used for joining the material used to make the inflatable. Butted seams are considered the best choice although they are more labor intensive as compared to the overlap seams. Perhaps this is why inflatable boats are made using this type of stitching.

Another robust seaming method is a double taped seam and has both sides glued. In fact, Neoprene and Hypalon glued seams are both reliable and strong, so much so that the fabric used to make it will wear out long before the glue fails.

Available Types Of Inflatable Boats

With constantly evolving technology, inflatable boat types and designs have greatly improved and have become more popular with boating enthusiasts. The two main categories available are the smaller, lighter and softer inflated boats or the larger and more rigid types.

The kind of outboard motor the inflatable boat utilizes is a factor to consider, and its transom will determine this. Some inflatables have soft transoms whereas others have a hard transform that requires being assembled before mounting the motor. This allows the inflatable to support heavier engines.

Some inflatable boats come with a rigid hull and flooring made from aluminum or wood for a faster ride as well as better storage. Other types are the fully inflatable which have a softer hull; they are light and easy to fold although its downside is its fuel economy as it will consume more fuel.

Inflatable Boats Prices

The best inflatable boats are available in different designs and sizes; their prices vary depending on these factors. On an online shopping site such as Amazon, a high-quality inflatable boat goes for about $200 and up.

But if you are concerned with quality, then you should be willing to pay $350 and above.  When you are willing to pay a higher price for the boat you will have some comfort of getting a boat with better or higher-quality features in return. On average most buyers will find that an inflatable boat worth about $700 or less is a good deal.