Solar Panels for Boat

How To Effectively Use Solar Panels On Boats?

Solar panels have gone from new-age tech to everyday conveniences, thanks to advancement in tech and improved accessibility. They are in use in many homes as alternative power sources and backups for emergencies, as well as supporting many solar-powered devices. This increased popularity means that there are more and more applications and possibilities.

Now it is easy for boat owners to set up solar systems on their vessels. Solar panels on a boat can be a great way to charge up a battery without using the engine. The right set-up can also provide power to electronics on-board.

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Best GPS chart plotter for boats

What To Look For When Buying A Chart Plotter?

Chart Plotters

Tips for choosing chart plottersChanging technology in the recent years has drastically changed the face of modern boating. The emergence of GPS chart plotters has made boating safer, problem free and worth having one of the best GPS chart plotters for smaller boats aboard.

With the best chart plotter, you can comfortably cruise to new destinations and back ashore with the capability of mapping out the water bed terrain. Several factors should … Read the rest

Solar power controllers

How To Calculate Your Solar Energy Needs On Your Boat?


Controllers for solar powered boatsBefore taking advantages of using the sun-based energy to run your boat, it is essential to see how solar panels work.

It sounds great when you learn that the function of the solar panel is to generate electrical power and subsequently charge the batteries.

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marine boat generator

Tips For Choosing Best Boat Generators

The sole purpose of a marine generator is to provide power to all of your electrical equipment on your boat. Today’s modern boats come with extra stuff that demands a lot of power to run and therefore investing in the best generator for your boat is very important.

You will need the power to run equipment such as air conditioners, water systems, spreader lights, audio systems, and any other power utility equipment that will make you cruising experience exciting and comfortable.

Supplying enough power to all these accessories at times can be challenging especially when on an extended trip in search of new fish in remote locations.

Because of this, the job of choosing the best marine generator for your boat can be a challenging task; the following are tips on how to choose the best boat generators:

best size boat generator

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Best Inflatable boats

Before Buying The Best Inflatable Boat Read This

Choosing An Inflatable Boat

Inflatable BoatVacation and leisure activities have always been part of our lives during certain times of the year. If you have access to a river, a lake, or the sea, boating is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation or participate in water sports.

However, if you do not live close to any body of water, it would be more convenient to be able … Read the rest

GPS sensored chart plotters

5 Tips On How To Choose The Best GPS Chart Plotter

Being able to enjoy cruising over any water body without any fear of traveling off course, requires a means of enhancing your awareness. A GPS chart plotter is an electronic device that is most often used on boats.

This crucial instrument uses a GPS sensor that is responsible for placing your boat on the chart by outputting various variables such as longitude, latitude, the course over ground (COG), and speed over ground (SOG). This information is essential as it will help you to know your position and where you are heading.

Choosing the best GPS chart plotters for smaller boats can be a frustrating task because there are many on the market.

Choosing The Best GPS Chart Plotter

The following five tips will help you to choose the best GPS chart plotter.

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Top 7 inflatable boats

7 Of The Best Inflatable Boats On The Market

Owning inflatable boats is a great source of excitement for adventure lovers who enjoy hours of great fun and sporting activities. For anglers, the best way to cast your fishing rod without having to worry about transport, hauling or to trailer a boat is to own one of the best inflatable boats; they provide the perfect option.

Being a watercraft made of light and durable material, they are convenient marine multi-tool that gives you a lot of freedom. It is also cheaper and economical than a traditional boat, in fact, you will experience many of the benefits of owning a boat.

Listing of 7 of The Best Inflatable Boats


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top 3 solar generators

Top 3 Solar Generators For Your Boats

Solar Generators

When thinking about sailing in the present day, many emerging technologies are currently available for sailors who are environmentally conscious and want to go green.  One such technology is the use of solar generators for boats, instead of the usual gasoline or diesel generator, to meet the boat’s power demands.

Many advantages come with the use of solar generators. Apart from saving you thousands of dollars in fuel, using a solar generator also gives you the freedom to generate your power from sustainable resources.

Solar generators are also very reliable, which can be really important when sailing in areas where the shore-side services are scarce or tough to come by.  A solar generator constitutes three primary components; a solar panel to trap the solar energy otherwise commonly known as sunlight, a battery to store power energy, and an inverter to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to run AC appliances on the boat.

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right boat generator size

How To Select A Right Size Generator For Your Boat

Find Right Size Generator For Your Boat

Selecting the right marine generator for your boat is one of the crucial aspects of the purchasing decision. To get the best results that meet your specific requirements from a generator set, some factors and considerations must be fulfilled.

Marine generatorYou will need a marine generator that offers longevity, be reliable and can deliver comfortably for long working hours.

Unfortunately, determining an exact generator … Read the rest

top inflatable boats

3 Most Popular Inflatable Boats

Top 3 Inflatable Boats

If your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy an actual boat or a yacht, you do not need to worry because inflatable boats can let you enjoy the experience of riding boats.

These watercrafts are very convenient and portable since they can be both deflated and inflated whenever needed. And compared to ordinary boats, inflatables are a lot less expensive and can easily fit into … Read the rest

best chart plotters

5 Top Ranked GPS Fish Finders

GPS Fish Finders

For the success of any angler, which is catching more fish, the use of the best GPS chart plotters for smaller boats is always necessary. A multi-function chart plotter is a perfect tool to use if you intent to use your boat for fishing purposes.

This multipurpose electronic device combines both the core marine electronic technologies into one integrated system that is easy to use. The fish … Read the rest

Solar Sailor Boats

7 Amazing Solar Energy Powered Boats On The Water

Solar Energy on Boats

Solar power is a source of energy derived free from the sun, with the advance in science and technology solar energy has become an alternative source of energy that has been used to drive all sorts of electric powered devices and machines.

One such utility powered by solar energy are the solar-powered boats, as the availability of solar cells became popular in the recent years, it … Read the rest