Eco-luxury yacht Serenity 64

Serenity’s Two New Solar Powered Eco-Luxury Yachts

The “eco-luxury yacht” is the new term in high-class boating. Without sacrificing any comfort and respect for the environment is the key. Is this type of yacht possible? Yes, for example, in luxury catamarans, solar energy is the protagonist. For the design of two-hull boats, a massive amount of energy can be collected, thanks to hundreds of square meters of panels. It supplies all the appliances, instruments, and air conditioning. In short, every benefit, without a single drop of fuel.

Nearly everything is getting a sustainable makeover, and so are luxury yachts. With new, full hybrid, and electric boats, the yachting industry is making walks toward a solar-powered yacht, eco-friendly future. Yachting has not exactly gained a reputation for being the most environmentally sensitive sector. However, because of technological progress, growing customer demand, and additional advantages, many yacht builders are turning to the energy of sunlight.

Grand Cayman-based Serenity Yachts showed off two of their new designs for solar-powered yachts at the Miami International Boat show. Advertised as the “Tesla of yachts,” Serenity Yachts is the first adaptor of advanced technology. Each boat comes with ultra-smart navigation, entertainment, and smart home tech, which is easily upgradeable when new technology becomes available.

Serenity Eco-Luxury Yacht

The comfort and benefits of a motorboat are combined with the infinite range of a sailboat. These are the symbols of Serenity Yachts, the American shipyard, the Cayman Islands-based, focused on the making of high-quality eco-luxury catamarans with hybrid or electric propulsion. The catalog includes two versions: the Serenity 64, presented at the last Cannes Yachting Festival, as well as the Serenity 74, with excellent interiors designed by Ken Downing, Fashion Director at Neiman Marcus. Energy comes from several solar panels: up to 110 square meters 68 meters in the smallest one.

The Serenity 64 and Serenity 74 will go for $3.3 million and $5.5 million, respectively. While the 74 is in production, two of the 64 have been produced. The eco-luxury yachts are designed to improve efficiency while maintaining a smooth ride, according to Serenity.

Vying to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels, the pure electrical and hybrid yachts harness the sun’s natural power to offer you the virtually endless assortment of a sailboat without sacrificing the space and comfort of a power catamaran.

The quiet hybrid and electric motors give you the chance to experience the sea the way you always thought it. Breathe and inhale the salt air, not the diesel fumes.  Listen to the waves lapping against the hull rather than the rumble of the engines.

Experience the virtually unlimited range of a sailboat without sacrificing safety and the luxury of a power-cat.  As per Serenity’s motto: Enjoy yachting the way it was intended to be just you, the sea, and serenity.

Every inch of this eco-friendly luxury pair has been designed to optimize efficiency–from the carbon fiber hulls into the hydraulic flybridge–also allow for a peaceful sailing experience sans fumes and noise. Additionally, every part of the yacht is intended to maximize efficiency and performance – from the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic flybridge.

Serenity Yachts strives to eliminate dependence on fossil fuel; it’s dedicated to building yachts that endure the test of time. It designs its systems to make them simple to update when new and improved technologies become available. Additionally, every portion of the yacht is built to maximize functionality and efficiency — from the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic flybridge.

Each eco-luxury yacht that Serenity constructs are entirely customizable. Serenity’s shipyard is house to experienced masters of their craft — they aren’t merely yacht builders; they’re artisans.

Serenity 64

The Serenity 64 eco-luxury yacht is constructed with a carbon-fiber hull, stringers, bulkheads, and can be customized to an owner’s preferences. PVC foam core combines strength and rigidity without weight. The primary package has over 700 square feet of SunPower solar panels that allow for indefinite cruising at a speed of 4 to 6 knots–such as the use of onboard amenities that draw the power of their own.

Inside, creature comforts include one crew cabin, four en suite staterooms, and a galley-salon combination space. Other designs are available. One setup produces a master suite that takes up a whole hull. In this design, the galley and salon are combined to a single space on the principal deck, and you will also find there two VIP staterooms, including en suite heads. Another setting allows for dual master staterooms.

Owners can personalize their 64′s interiors with woods such as oak, mahogany, wenge, and more, as well as teak, mahogany, or Amtico soles. Bulkheads can have a lacquer finish, vinyl, fabric, or varnished veneers.

The helm is common with a Garmin electronics package, and the galley is outfitted with equipment from Samsung and Siemens. The builder says other options are available on request.

Of course, both yachts are entirely customizable, so marine enthusiasts can create their dream catamaran.

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30 solar panels, seating and sunbathing area plus upper helm station.

Main Deck

Large galley, interior, and exterior dining area with lots of space, comfy seat upfront.

Lower Deck

Four VIP cottages with ample head and load of locker space.

Top Speed (Diesel) 16 knots
Max Draft 3.6 ft 1.1 m
BOA 31 ft 9.4 m
LOA 64 ft 19.4 m
Electric Cruising Speed 5 – 6 knots
Electric Propulsion 2 x 18 kW
Light Displacement 24 tons
Solar Panels 65m2 SunPower® Panels – 240W/m2
A/C 50,000 BTU 10 Outlets
Diesel Propulsion 2 x 200 hp
Grey Water Tank 2 x 211 gal 2 x 800 L
Water Tank 435 gal 1650 L
Diesel Tank 424 gal 1517 L


Serenity 74


The Serenity 74 eco-luxury yacht is outfitted with a huge 1,184 sq. Ft. of SunPower solar panels. It can cruise generally at 7 to 9 knots, all of the while powering the onboard facilities. The standard design sees four VIP cabins with ensuites, a joint galley, a saloon on the central deck, two additional cabins and baths in the forepeaks, set up for crew or family.

Besides the technological aspect, on the design front inspiration came via Ken Downing. The interior was designed by none other than the former fashion director of Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing. This explains why the 74-foot yacht appeared in the yearly Neiman Marcus Christmas Book adjacent to an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera designed by Daniel Craig.

When Serenity was selected as a fantasy gift, they were in the early stages of the interior design. Ken helped guide them in the making of luxurious cabins, add vibrancy to our spacious salon, and gave Serenity some styling and color palettes out of the world.

The new 74″ eco-luxury yacht from Serenity is currently under construction and ready to usher in a new era in luxury yachting.

With six luxury cottages, a grand salon, and a huge solar array, the Serenity 74 provides you with a nearly endless range with style and comfort unparalleled in the catamaran industry.



110 M² SunPower® panels, seating and sunbathing area plus helm station.

Main Deck

Large Exterior and interior dining room with a great deal of space, comfy seat upfront.

Lower Deck

Four VIP cabins with a huge head and a lot of locker space.

Max Draft 2.8 ft 85 cm
BOA 35 ft 10.65 m
LOA 74 ft 22.55 m
Diesel Propulsion 2 x 435 hp
Electric Propulsion 2 x 25 kW
Light Displacement 32 tons
Top Speed (Diesel) 20 knots
Electric Cruising Speed 6 – 8 knots
A/C 60,000 BTU 12 Outlets
Solar Panels 110m2 SunPower Panels – 240W/m2
Grey Water Tank 2 x 264 gal 2 x 1,000 L
Diesel Tank 792 gal 3,000 L
Crew 2 Crew Cabins
Water Tank 528 gal 2,000 L
Battery Bank 306kW – 8 pieces
Tender Custom 5.3m Electric Tender
Cabins 4-6 Cabins (En-Suite Bathrooms)
Watermaker 528 Gallons / Day 2,000 Liters / Day

Contact Information:

Century Yard, Cricket Square
P.O. Box 1111, Grand Cayman, KY1-1102
Cayman Islands