top 3 solar generators

Top 3 Solar Generators For Your Boats

Solar Generators

When thinking about sailing in the present day, many emerging technologies are currently available for sailors who are environmentally conscious and want to go green.  One such technology is the use of solar generators for boats, instead of the usual gasoline or diesel generator, to meet the boat’s power demands.

Many advantages come with the use of solar generators. Apart from saving you thousands of dollars in fuel, using a solar generator also gives you the freedom to generate your power from sustainable resources.

Solar generators are also very reliable, which can be really important when sailing in areas where the shore-side services are scarce or tough to come by.  A solar generator constitutes three primary components; a solar panel to trap the solar energy otherwise commonly known as sunlight, a battery to store power energy, and an inverter to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to run AC appliances on the boat.

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