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Tips For Choosing Best Boat Generators

Tips For Choosing Right Size Generator

The sole purpose of a marine generator is to provide power to all of your electrical equipment on you boat. Today’s modern boats come with extra stuff that demands a lot of power to run and therefore investing in the best generator for your boat is a very important.

best size boat generator You will need the power to run equipment such as air conditioners, water system, spreader lights, audio systems and any other power utility equipment that will make you cruising experience exciting and comfortable.

Supplying enough power to all these accessories at times can be challenging especially when on an extended trip in search of new fish in remote locations.

Because of this, the job of choosing the best generator for your boat can be a challenging task; the following are tips on how to choose the best boat generator:

Space Constraints

Space Constraint, one of the main factors, to consider when choosing the best boat generator should the need arise for an upgrade, especially to cater for extra electrical equipment installed onboard.

Depending on the size of your boat, it is important to think of the location of the new generator set and the availability of enough space for the installation. The available space should be accessible for installation as well as maintenance.

The effects of the new facility on the boat’s load distribution should also be accessed to ensure it is well balanced and stable. For small spaces, it is better to go for compact generator units.

Choice Of Fuel

The available type of fuel for your generator usually diesel or gasoline; therefore, the selection of the gen set you will require for your boat will depend on the kind of fuel your boat’s main engine is using.

If the boat’s engine uses diesel, then it is advisable to opt for a diesel generator set. One thing is also important to note that gasoline is highly volatile as compared to diesel; it should be used with a spark-free generator.

Although it is advisable to use diesel for outboard fishing boats that use gas as fuel. Outboard boats usually don’t have sufficient ventilation below deck compartments and for that reason, diesel being less volatile and safe to use in such closed environments is the best choice.

This will require you to provide for a separate tank for this so when accounting for an availability of space, this should be factored in too.

Power Output

When choosing the best generator for your boat, power output is yet another important consideration. Always choose the right power rated generator for your boat based on onboard power requirement this is usually in Kilowatts.

Once you have determined the total power required by your boat including all other things, select a generator that has 20-percent more power than your calculated energy needs.

Never think that using a much bigger generator is better, it is always a rule of thumb to run a generator at least at 30-percent of its rated load or not more than 75-percent. Therefore running it under fewer loads will result in a buildup of carbon and subsequent complications that may lead to inefficiency.

AC or DC

This will solely depend on your applications; some people use small DC generators that are used to charge batteries. Earlier DC generators simply incorporated petrol or diesel engines with automotive alternators however in modern times that have changed and new technology has seen the emergence of more efficient alternators that run silently.

If your appliances don’t require much power and do not run for long periods, you can opt to use an inverter which is an electrical device that changes DC to AC.

Nowadays, most appliances use AC power since most of them have inbuilt transformers; besides, AC power is more efficient. When choosing the best boat generator, it is best to purchase an AC generator because this one is more commonly sold in today’s market.

Quiet And Clean

There is nothing as annoying as having a noisy generator set for your boat, the use of mufflers, insulating shields and isolation mounts has improved marine generators, they are now running with less noise than ever.

Carbon emissions are another concern for those who are environment conscious; therefore, it is advisable to go for those generator sets that are known not to cause much pollution.

In modern times, marine generators have been considered to perform better than their predecessors due to improvement in their designs.